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Mask Spray

How Mask Spray Can Improve Your General Health

It is a well-known fact that wearing a mask can protect you from external bacteria, germs, and viruses. They have helped prevent people from getting everything from the common cold to COVID.

And you can use mask spray to keep your mask fresh in between regular washes. This alone is a great benefit of mask spray, but what if your spray could do more than that?

Good news: it can. In fact, our mask spray can provide you with several health benefits. The following is a sampling of our scents and what they can do for you:

  • Clear My Head: Clear My Head is a minty option, which can promote oral health, reduce anxiety, improve the immune system, and more.

  • Wake Me Up: This is a mix of citrus and vanilla. It is a mood-boosting, stress-reducing spray that can even treat acne in the mask area.

  • Calm Me Down: This is an herbal option that includes lavender, rosemary, and more. It can help blood sugar levels, relieve pain, ease stress, relieve congestion, and more.

  • Walk In The Forest: This evergreen-scented mask spray can reduce muscle aches, improve breathing, enhance oral health, relieve anxiety, and more.


Experience all that mask spray can do for you. Pick from one of our great scents and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer you.

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