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  • Masks Are Here to Stay

    With the rise of the Delta variant across the world, being the most contagious mutation of COVID-19, mask wearing mandates are sky rocketing. The CDC now recommends wearing masks indoors again. So, what does that mean for vaccinated Americans? Do they have to wear a mask too? According to the new science research, those who have been vaccinated still can transmit the delta variant. The CDC is now recommending universal indoor masking, and now teachers, faculty, and students are required to wear masks with the return of school in the fall. Popular companies, like Apple, are now requiring all workers and customers wear masks within their stores. In this time in the world, we are collectively responsible for the public health of our country, as well as the world. Instilling mask wearing into our culture could help us slow the delta variant, prevent transmission of colds in the future, and prevent another pandemic in the time ahead. If we can solve all these issues with simply wearing a mask, why not? Many deal with numerous issues while wearing masks: the stench that builds up overtime from wearing a mask without washing it, the bacteria growth within the mask that causes mask-ne (mask acne), and the damp feeling of the moisture in your mask from your own breathing. But with Mask Blasts™, we are here to make you mask wearing easier on you, so you can protect yourself and the health of our world. Mask Blasts™ sprays refresh and cleanse your mask on the go, using all-natural essential oils, with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so you can breathe in the fresh aroma of your choice, while preventing mask-ne, all on-the-go. With our variety, you have four fragrant scents to choose from: Calm Me Down, our CBD-Infused Lavender scent, Wake Me Up, our Citrus scent, Walk in the Woods, our Sandalwood scent, and Clear My Head, our mint scent. Look forward to putting on your mask, and breathing in the freshness of Mask Blasts™. So, give it a try, at

  • What’s Maskne?

    At one point or another, most of us have experienced a pimple or two in our lives, or fully suffered through acne. But, what’s Maskne? Well, it may be new to us, as wearing masks becomes the new normal, but doctors and healthcare professionals have been dealing with maskne all along. Maskne, also known as mask-related acne, arises from wearing masks on a daily basis, as bacteria accumulates around your mouth, nose, and cheek region. How does this happen really? As you breathe and talk, your mask inevitably traps in a lot of warm air, creating a hot & humid environment underneath your mask. Naturally, this becomes an ideal setting for yeast, bacteria, and other flora to form and grow. (Fun fact: Flora, such as demodex, are types of skin mites that naturally live on our skin. Masks let them grow :/) How can we prevent maskne? Mask Blasts™ to the rescue! Our Mask Blasts provide natural, cleansing agents that allow you to cleanse and refresh your mask and skin. These sprays will allow you to clean your mask on the go, using a disposable or reusable mask. One little change in your daily routine can prevent years of maskne. Try your favorite: - Calm Me Down: our lavender-scented plant-based-infused mask refresher spray - Walk in the Woods: our woody-scented mask refresher spray - Clear my Head: our mint-scented mask refresher spray - Wake me Up: our citrus-scented mask refresher spray

  • Where to Buy the Trendiest Face Masks Now

    Since masks aren’t leaving anytime soon, so we might as well help you find one that you will actually like to wear :) Here are some mask companies we think provide great, reusable cloth masks to pair with your favorite Mask Blasts™ to help refresh & cleanse your mask. For lower priced (but still stylish!) masks... Girl Tribe Masks ($10) For the mask wearer that just wants simplicity (and to flex)... 2. Rag & Bone the Schoeller stealth mask pack ($55 for 3 masks) 3. For the mask buyers that want to jazz up their outfit... Free People Embellished Face Mask ($24) 4. For the mask buyer looking for a high-end, tweed mask… St John Boucle Tweed Mask ($45) 5. For the plaid and stripes lovers (and sustainable!)... Christy Dawn: The Sustainable Mask (3 for $14) Want to keep these masks fresh and clean? Use Mask Blasts™ to ensure you refresh and cleanse your mask in between wears, and steer clear of mask-cne (mask acne)!

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