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Where to Buy the Trendiest Face Masks Now

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Since masks aren’t leaving anytime soon, so we might as well help you find one that you will actually like to wear :) Here are some mask companies we think provide great, reusable cloth masks to pair with your favorite Mask Blasts™ to help refresh & cleanse your mask.

For lower priced (but still stylish!) masks...

  1. Girl Tribe Masks ($10)

For the mask wearer that just wants simplicity (and to flex)...

2. Rag & Bone the Schoeller stealth mask pack ($55 for 3 masks)

3. For the mask buyers that want to jazz up their outfit...

Free People Embellished Face Mask ($24)

4. For the mask buyer looking for a high-end, tweed mask…

St John Boucle Tweed Mask ($45)

5. For the plaid and stripes lovers (and sustainable!)...

Christy Dawn: The Sustainable Mask (3 for $14)

Want to keep these masks fresh and clean? Use Mask Blasts™ to ensure you refresh and cleanse your mask in between wears, and steer clear of mask-cne (mask acne)!

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